India, England, and Back Again to Serve Slum Children

Named one of the 10 Paradises of the World, Kerala is known for its backwaters—lagoons and lakes linked by canals. This state in South India is Abey’s home. He returned to Lee Abbey Devon’s house team after feeling God leading him to a second year on the community in Devon, England.

India is a democratic country and Abey has many Hindu and Muslim friends in the South. He lives peacefully with them, attending festivals and visiting mosques. Christian practice is safe but as missionaries, Abey says his parents “depend on God for anything and everything.” This is Christian faith to him: no salary but God’s provision coming anyway. As a child, he remembers his father using a projector to show the Jesus film in villages and his family attending boat races to distribute pamphlets about Jesus.

While living on the community at Lee Abbey in England, Abey has shared spicy rice flour cannolis and banana chips. He’s brought a culture of colorful dress to the soggy northern island. He’s reminded us to “enjoy the moment since you won’t get it again.”

And yet, he also knows his mind for the future. Abey envisions himself as a social worker, sharing food in the unhygienic slums of India. He says, “People have no proper shelter. I’d feel happy to run a project like ‘Meals on Wheels,’ going to the slums to give food to everyone, especially to the children.” Time at Lee Abbey has given him independence and confidence, but home is still home—he will return to India next year.

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